Here you will find a collection of my imagery from both sides of the camera.

As a model I enjoy telling stories with my body. It will never just be a job. Whether it is fashion, art based, commercial, or beauty, modeling is to embody a character (or part of myself) in order to communicate a point.

When I am working as a photographer, story telling remains the intent. I am available for your head shots, creative portraits, events, product shoots, and more.

Alongside of my work, I am constantly immersed in a personal project. Whether it is an ongoing series that includes model volunteers, or self portrait work, I enjoy creating images to spark dialogues about topics that interest me or that I am currently exploring in my personal life.

Imagery has opened to door seeing myself more clearly, relate to those around me, and connect in a vulnerable and authentic way.

My hope is to include as many people in that experience with me.